Ursula Connolly

Ursula Connolly & Anne Fogarty

The People Skills Business.

Speaker Biography

Ursula is the Director of The People Skills Business and has more than 18 years experience in developing and motivating individuals and companies to achieve successful results. Combining dynamism and passion, Ursula has experience with internationally respected organisations in helping them align the development of their employees with their brand and strategic business objectives. She has led multi-cultural teams and managed large scale projects across Europe, Middle East, Africa and North America. Her main focus is to help organisations engage and develop their people so that they in turn deliver desired business results. Ursula is an experienced programme manager, designer, facilitator and presenter.

Ursula and Anne is presenting the Personal Development Sessions

Ursula will present two sessions on
‘Personal Development Session – Working in multi-professional teams.’


Being part of a multi-professional team in today’s hectic work environment comes with it’s ups and downs. This session enables you to think about your personal effectiveness within a team and how you interact and communicate with others. You will learn how to manage different styles and how to influence others in order to achieve the best outcome.

Part 1 -This training session will help attendees work on their personal effectiveness in a multi-professional team. Part 1 will allow delegates to review their core skills and understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Part 2 – Building on part 1, this session will look at how to operate effectively in a multi-professional team, to be a good influencer and to carry forward the good messages of the dietetic profession.