Linda Hindle

Linda Hindle MsC MBDA

Lead Allied Health Professional at Public Health England and Chair of DOM UK BDA Specialist Group.

Speaker Biography

Linda Hindle is Lead Allied Health Professional with Public Health England with responsibility for championing the contribution of AHPs across England to improving public health.  Linda developed, grew and managed the Birmingham Community Nutrition and Dietetic Service for 10 years before becoming one of 10 Consultant Dietitians across the UK in 2005.  She has led the development and commissioning of Birmingham’s obesity strategy over several years. Other leadership roles have included Professional lead for Allied Health Professions in Birmingham Specialist Community Health Trust; and Professional Executive Committee member and Clinical Director in Eastern Birmingham Primary Care Trust.  Linda is an active member of the British Dietetic Association, currently a board member for BDA England, Chair of DOM UK and a BDA media spokesperson.

Linda is part of the morning Panel Discussion on Monday 

‘More than Medicine’ Integrated healthcare paying dividends for all.’
Moderated by Andy Burman, Chief Executive, BDA

  • How can we work effectively as a team with GPs, hospitals, social support and third sector services?
  • Where do we base our services?
  • What are the best examples of collaboration?
  • Where is best practice communication across multi-disciplinary teams and organisational boundaries?
  • Examples of innovation and improvement in community diabetes