Kelly McCabe

Kelly McCabe 

Lead Oncology Dietitian at LOC (Leaders in Oncology Care) in London. 

Speaker Biography

Kelly McCabe, is the Lead Oncology Dietitian at The LOC on Harley Street. She previously managed the dietetics team at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, where she specialised in head and neck cancer.

After graduating from Kings College London, Kelly quickly specialised in the field of oncology and for the past five years has been lucky to have helped hundreds of people during and after their chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment.

Kelly has a good understanding of the scientific complexity of nutrition research and is able to translate this to people in an easy-to-understand, practical manner. Kelly’s aim is for all people with cancer to have access to good quality, scientifically sound nutritional advice that complements their medical treatment and enables eating to remain a source of joy rather than anxiety. She has a particular interest in the nutritional management of cancer survivors once treatment has finished and is the nutritional lead for the ‘Living Well’ programme.

As part of her MSc project Kelly has been conducting research investigating body composition changes during cancer treatment and how this can influence treatment toxicity.

Kelly has been supported by Abbott Nutrition.

Kelly will present
‘Managing GI symptoms in the Community’


Practical guidance on the identification and management of common gastrointestional symptoms in malnourished adults in the community.