Hilda Mulrooney

Hilda Mulrooney & Dr Angela Madden

Dr Hilda Mulrooney, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition at Kingston University, DOM UK Best Practice Coordinator and Committee Member.

Dr Angela Madden, Lecturer at University of Hertfordshire.

Speaker Biography

Hilda is a Registered Dietitian and nutritionist, currently a Senior Lecturer on the BSc (Hons) Nutrition degree at Kingston University. She previously worked in public health as a childhood obesity public health dietitian and in clinical practice within primary care. She has been actively involved with DOM UK for eight years, including four years as training officer and two years as Best Practice Coordinator. She regularly facilitates on behaviour change training courses and has a strong interest in both obesity and behaviour change.

Dr Madden and Dr Mulrooney are presenting the DOM UK Special Interest Session.

They will present
‘Challenges in calculating resting and total energy requirements in the obese’


Prediction equations are commonly used to estimate energy requirements in clinical practice, and there are particular challenges associated with their use in obese individuals. Two systematic reviews were carried out to establish the most accurate prediction equations for resting (REE) and total energy expenditure (TEE) in obesity, in accordance with PRISMA guidance. A total of 4 studies met the inclusion criteria for prediction of TEE, and 23 met the inclusion criteria for REE. The main findings, challenges and use in clinical practice will be discussed in this interactive session.