Frances Cunning

Frances Cunning

Director of Public Health in North Lincolnshire. 

Speaker Biography

Frances is currently Director of Public Health in North Lincolnshire taking up post in 2009 at the PCT before moving to the Local Authority in April 2013, she started her working life as a radiographer in Glasgow before going to Kenya to do voluntary work for a number of years.

It was in Kenya where Frances’ passion for public health developed. Frances has been working in the Public Health and Health Promotion arena since 1986, initially as a Co-ordinator for a Community Health Project run by the Open University before more mainstream health promotion and PH roles.

Amongst her extracurricular activities Frances has been on the Committees of a number of Voluntary Action Group; been a training advisor for the Open University Community Education Training Agency; Chair of Governor at a local primary school; UK Chair of the Society of Health Promotion Specialists   and involved in the recruitment and selection of volunteers for VSO.


Frances is part of the morning Panel Discussion on Monday 

‘More than Medicine’ Integrated healthcare paying dividends for all.’
Moderated by Andy Burman, Chief Executive, BDA

  • How can we work effectively as a team with GPs, hospitals, social support and third sector services?
  • Where do we base our services?
  • What are the best examples of collaboration?
  • Where is best practice communication across multi-disciplinary teams and organisational boundaries?
  • Examples of innovation and improvement in community diabetes