Dr Belinda Quick

Dr Belinda Quick  

Dr Quick will be presenting the belVita Breakfast Workshops on Monday 22nd September at 12.45 and Tuesday 23rd September at 8.30am.

Speaker Biography

Belinda Quick has a PhD in Food Biosciences, focusing on prebiotics, and an MSc in Public Health Nutrition. Belinda is passionate about explaining the science, nutrition principles and evidence base behind food products, and is interested by the different dietary habits and guidelines across countries. She has over 7 years’ experience working within the food industry, and currently works across Northern Europe.


Details on the Breakout Session

“The science of slow release carbohydrates for a moderate glycaemic response, using belVita as an example”

You are invited to join the belVita Breakfast workshops hosted by Mondelēz International. Presented by Dr. Belinda Quick, there will be two sessions taking place from 12.45 on Monday 22nd September and 8.30am on Tuesday 23rd September.

The session will cover the science behind belVita Breakfast biscuits including:

• The clinical studies on Slowly Digestible Starch
• An update on our health claim adopted into EU Regulation
• Our Nutrition Charter
• An overview of breakfast in the UK

Following a positive European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) scientific opinion[1]on their dossier of submitted research on slowly digestible starch (SDS), Mondelēz has been granted proprietary use of the following Health Claim according to the EU regulation No 851/2013[2]:

“Consumption of products high in slowly digestible starch (SDS) raises blood glucose concentration less after a meal compared to products low in SDS2.”


belVita Breakfast biscuits are the only breakfast biscuits scientifically proven to regularly and continuously release carbohydrates over four hours when eaten as part of a balanced breakfast*, resulting in moderate post-prandial glycaemic and insulinaemic responses[3].

These findings have been scientifically proven with the support of several clinical studies and research conducted with independent laboratories and experts for over 15 years.

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* For example, a portion of belVita Breakfast biscuits, plain dairy product, a portion of fruit and a drink.

[1] EFSA Journal 2011;9 (7): 2292
[2] Official Journal of the EU
[3] Proven in several clinical trials when eaten as part of a balanced breakfast containing a serving of dairy, a portion of fruit and a drink