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Public HealthPDFAn interconnected approach to challenge childhood obesity

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The importance of Early Intervention

Dr Julie Lanigan RD PhD, Principal Research Associate, Paediatric Specialist Group of the BDA and Honorary Specialist Dietitian, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust

Most obesity is established early, before the age of 5 years and is likely to track through childhood and into adult life. Therefore, early intervention is needed. However, evidence is lacking and the best management approach is uncertain. This session reviews current evidence and considers interventions for prevention and treatment of obesity in early life.

A whole school approach to healthy eating

Pip Collings, Public Health Dietitian, Public Health Nutrition Network

This presentation gives an overview of a whole school intervention to improve the lunch choices of primary school children. Engaging with all stakeholders and building relationships is central to this year long intervention, and practical tips on how to do this will be given.


An interconnected approach to challenge childhood obesity. Using a practical scenario. We will explore how to develop a successful healthy lifestyles intervention, looking at the big picture and how to link together all relevant agencies.

In this workshop we will look at all aspects of setting up a new programme covering: marketing; recruitment; targeting; outcome measures; evaluation; follow up and dissemination. Working with delegates, representatives from the groups will work on quick ideas for each element of the programme and focus on one in more detail.

Facilitated by Pip Collings, Sarah Bowyer, Kirsten Whitehead, Julie Lanigan and Jessica Williams

The session will be held on Thursday 17th March

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Public Health Nutrition Network Specialist Group are one of the BDA’s 18 Specialist Groups currently chaired by Kirsten Whitehead. Details on the Group are on the BDA Website

Group Profile 

The BDA Public Health specialist group is a group of dietitians working to improve and protect the health of the population through good nutrition.

As you are aware, food and nutrition issues lie at the heart of many of today’s public health challenges, and we consider it is important that the British Dietetic Association has a means of ensuring that the professional expertise of dietitians makes the fullest possible contribution to this agenda. 

We welcome any Dietitian who has a public health element to their role, no matter how small, to join the group, add to the development of the group and contribute to the voice of Public Health within the BDA.

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