Nutrition Advisory Group for Old People (NAGE) BDA Full member 2014
BDA Specialist Group of the Year Winner

NAGE are one of the BDA’s 18 Specialist Groups and they will be exhibiting within the BDA Pavilion in the Great Halls.

NAGE Chair – Nicola Henderson

NAGE Committee – Elizabeth Archer, Nicola Howle, Gillian Miller, Vicki Pout, Alison Smith and Sian Wiltshire

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Group Profile

NAGE stands for Nutrition Advisory Group for the Elderly and is the Specialist Group of the BDA for Dietitians with an interest in the nutrition of older people. We are exploring moving away from the term elderly and have recently undertaken a NAGE Members Survey regarding this.

NAGE aims to:

  • Bring together Dietitians with an interest in the nutrition of older people.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and experience.
  • Offer advice and support to Dietitians, other health professionals and carers working with older people.
  • Produce evidence based resources to promote and encourage good nutrition in older people.
  • Communicate with other special interest groups within the BDA.
  • Support research.
  • Build links with other agencies and voluntary organisationsNAGE membership is open to Dietitians and student Dietitians who are members of the BDA. The cost is £20 per year. Members will receive regular emails throughout the year and are entitled to reduced delegate fees at NAGE study days. Membership also enables members to access expertise and knowledge from other NAGE members.NAGE were honoured to receive the BDA Specialist Group of the Year award in June 2014. Please come and meet us if you are attending BDA Live.

NAGE will also have a Special Interest Session Diversity of age with NAGE – an interactive session discovering diversity of the older generation with Gillian Miller and Nicola Howle, NAGE Committee Members.

Session will be held on Monday 22nd September 2014 at 12.00.