Energy Testing Solutions

Energy Testing Solutions Ltd

Energy Testing Solutions Ltd will be attending BDA Live in the innovation zone and exhibiting in the Cambridge Suite.logo_0

Exhibitor Profile

Energy Testing Solutions Ltd, an integrated technology and health informatics company, develops long-term metabolic health solutions. Our lead technology ECAL, a small, portable, open circuit indirect calorimeter, was initially designed for primary practitioners treating various metabolic disorders such as obesity, insulin resistance and chronic fatigue. 

ECAL is also ideal for use in research and education.  Our proprietary software makes review and export of data easy and immediate.  ECAL is light and portable, easy to set up and each test only takes 5 minutes, providing opportunities for research outside of the academic department and within the community.

In addition, ETS is currently researching a weight management system called METS, utilising ECAL technology.  METS, a practitioner led individualised weight programme, combines metabolic assessment, dietetic programming and exercise prescription, particularly beneficial for YOYO dieters and those predisposed to type 2 diabetes. A pilot clinic was established in Australia in 2012. ETS believe METS can be successfully utilised in both public and private health environments.  

ECAL is a registered medical device with TGA, CE and ISO 13485 certification.