Cereal Partners – Nestlé Breakfast Cereals

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Cereal Partners – Nestlé Breakfast Cereals will be attending BDA Live and exhibiting in the Cambridge Suite.

Exhibitor Profile

Cereal Partners Worldwide (CPW) is the maker of Nestlé breakfast cereals, including favourites such as SHREDDED WHEAT®, CHEERIOS® and SHREDDIES®. With a total of 13 brands in the UK, CPW strives to make breakfast better with convenient, tasty and nutritious options.  Established in 1990, CPW is a long-standing partnership between Nestlé and General Mills.  Headquartered in Switzerland, CPW has 4,600 employees, 17 factories, four R&D centres and operates in more than 130 countries.  Two of those factories and one R&D centre are based in the UK. All Nestlé Cereals (except the gluten free range) contain more whole grain than any other ingredient, helping individuals consume an important source of fibre and most are fortified with additional vitamins and minerals.  Significant emphasis has been placed on reductions in salt and sugar with concurrent increases in whole grain content.  In 2015, our UK recipes were made with 105 million more portions of whole grain, 1400 fewer tonnes of sugar and 158 fewer tonnes of salt compared to 2003*. * Reference formulations are 2003 recipes or launch recipes for those products introduced post-2003. The figures are not cumulative (only for 2015), using 2015 sales figures. 1 x serving of whole grain = 16g.

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Email: julie.foster@cpuk.nestle.com                                 Website: www.nestlecereals.co.uk

Breakfast Meeting – Putting fibre back on a pedestal

Join Professor Chris Seal, Professor of Food and Human Nutrition, Newcastle University and Ayela Spiro, Senior Nutrition Scientist, British Nutrition Foundation to hear latest updates on fibre and wholegrain in the diet.

The 2015 Report on Dietary Carbohydrates and Health from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition advised an increase in fibre intakes in the UK diet to 30g fibre a day.  With intakes currently below this figure it’s time to put more focus on fibre in the diet and ‘Put Fibre Back on a Pedestal’.

Being held on Day 2 – Thursday 17th March at 8.30am, join us alongside Cereal Partners UK for informative and networking breakfast.